Increased storage of 100GB for PlayStation Plus users

Sony has announced a big statement for the PS users. The PlayStation Plus subscribers will have 100 GB of storage capacity for cloud game from next month. The upgrade seems to be a huge increase in cloud storage as currently it has 10GB cloud storage limit. This will make the users to backup with more save games online.

PS 4 users with PS Plus subscription store their saved games in the cloud. But the capacity is limited to 10GB of storage. Though it is a good storage capacity when it comes for saving game process. But yet some gamers feels uncomfortable for the storage option. Well this makes a great upgrade for the PlayStation Plus subscribers with massive upgrade on the cloud storage.

The PS Plus subscribers can launch their game on any PS4 console just by uploading and saving the game on cloud. So that the users can resume their games on the last save on any PS4 console. Sony plans to extend the storage capacity of the cloud on early February. The users just need to active the PlayStation Plus subscription to get the extended storage capacity.