A PNG Image can hack your Android – Google.

As addressed by Google in February security patch, a Modified PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image can risk your Android device displaying an infected picture.


Security experts blames Google for disclosing this issue in release notes. Experts claims that, revealing this sensitive information can put billions of Android devices at a risk of being exploited.

As reported by Android Headlines on Saturday, A specially modified PNG image can deceive users by displaying an infected image file to view. This can compromise any device of Android 7.0 Nougat or later versions. It is addressed in Android’s February security patch.

Furthermore, CyberSecurity experts states the primary reason could be Google’s incautious approach of media content.

Google’s Pixel mobile phones and selected variants of other mobiles running Android One gets this update as of now.

Even if this issue is identified, The risk still remains to other android devices. And the global release of the Security Patch is expected to take bit more time.