Apple is testing on triple camera setup and USB-C Port

Apple is planning to launch the next iPhone with a triple camera setup. The news comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Currently the iPhone is have a dual camera setup on XS and XS Max. But other companies like LG, Huawei have released a triple camera setup on their smart phones which will comprimse more creative flexibility and ultra-wide-angle shots.

As per the reports Apple will also join the triple camera setup for upcoming iPhones. The third camera in the setup will capture more pixels so Apple software could, for example, automatically repair a video or photo to fit in a subject that may have been accidentally cut off from the initial shot. Along with this the Apple Live photo feature will be extended to six seconds.

The company will be testing the versions of the iPhones for 2019 with a USB-C ports which will replace the lightning connector. The company will also make a faster processor, updated Face ID sensor and a lot more. As the features will be out on the official release of iPhones for 2019.