GE brings new tech to smart lights

GE announced some of the smart-lights along with the announcement of the smart-lights, the company also announced new additions for the smart lights. The smart lights C by GE line jas several variations and unlike the rest the color bulb doesn’t require a hub. Instead of hub for a smart bulb it uses Bluetooth and can be controlled directly from your phone. The new bulb can also be controlled by the Google Home, means the bulb can be controlled remotely with Google Assistant.

Coming up with the smart bulb from GE the company has also released smart light switch. The new product makes a sensible one as the light switches are still the easiest way to control a light bulb. Beyond the lighting products the company is expanding the product line with a new smart power plug. The new smart power plug will be able to control power to a single device alone.

The C by GE line lights is the smart way to go for the lighting as it does not require any hub. But when it comes with Bluetooth the connectivity should be within the range. But if in case the way is out and forgot to switch off the lights, the Google Home makes the work as the bulbs will be connected with internet and switch off the bulbs with Google Assistant. The Google Home wipes out the limitation of connecting with Bluetooth.

The launch of the products will be happening in upcoming months announcing with the price tags.