Samsung launches 512 GB microSD card

Samsung made their announcement for the 512 GB microSD card during Summer. Now its time, the company made the element listed on their German version website. The new storage element comes with a price tag of €289.90. Though it is not officially launched yet, you can sign up and get notified through email when it is available.

The pricing of the new element is so high as compared to the 256 GB version. The price of the 256 GB variation is just €99.90. The price is thrice more than the 256 GB version whereas as the storage is only twice more. Its good to have a 512 GB storage in your smartphone as expandable where a loads of data can be stored and used. The German website offers some monthly installments deals too.

The Read and Write speed of the new Samsung EVO Plus card is 100 MB/s. As the company stated that a #GB $K video can be transferred from/to the card within 38 seconds. The total storage of the card can hold upto 78 hours of Full HD video or 150,300 images. The actual storage capacity is equal to 93.1% compared to the mentioned capacity of the element. Samsung also gives an SD adapter along with the memory card and 10 years warranty.