Google launches Google Home Hub

Google announced the Google Home Hub to the Google Home family. The Google Home Hub is an intelligent speaker fixed with a display. one of the notable feature of this device is that it doesn’t have a camera. As the feature seems to be so new as a device with the display and without camera makes great move form the company.

Along with this, the Google Home Hub has another feature called Ambient EQ. This feature sets the display color and brightness varying depends on the light inside the room. The device will also switch off their display in the night as per the users need. It will also recognize the voices of a different person with their tone in case of waking up the device.

While checking with these new features in the device, there comes another cool feature called Dubbed Home View. It’s a slide-down panel where the user can see the list of connected smart devices available in the area. The user can control room temperature or switch on the music player or connect the smartphone and work. The device can also connect the door camera and can see who is coming when the doorbell rings.
The device hits the stores by October 22 and Google gives six free months of YouTube Premium on Home Hub purchases through December. The smart display makes a sensible product to try with.