Firefox is now protecting from third-party bad cookies

The browser cookies may behave as good but sometimes very bad too. It comprises a friend or foe concept of behaving. Some cookies from the third party websites will track each move of the user even if the user closed the particular website. These cookies will help the hackers to attack the privacy content of a user sometimes to affiliate the mind too. The Firefox version 63 will make a break from this process as if it is instructed from the user.

The browser cookies are useful as it stores some small bits of data like login info and other webpage related user info. But sometimes the third party sites make use of the cookies and track the user and their information. Growing up with the traveling chain the cookies are able to track the entire date of the users and the websites they visit. Along with this privacy content acquisition, these cookies will also slow down the response of a web page too.

Now Firefox 63 is making a closed gate for those third-party cookies as they will be blocked if the user suggests. A separate option is available to block and disable the particular website and the cookies. As default the feature is disabled and the user has to manually enable the feature to prevent from the unwanted third party cookies. Along with these some other new features are also available as like new search shortcuts are available Google, Amazon, and other search engines. The dark mode is now available for Windows users and iOS users will have an addition of Siri support in Firefox.