Call Screen, a new feature for Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 gets a new feature called Call Screen for the users. It is a feature for Android and other Google products. It will be officially launched with Google Pixel 3 and later it will be distributed to other Google products. How this Screen Call function and what it is about, let’s see.

This new feature in the smartphone comes as a call button. After touching the button it launches the Screen Call feature where the AI integrated bot responses for the call. It uses Google Assistant, which shows the entire call in the text form. The whole process happens as an on-device process. Rather than the voice commands, it uses the on-device functionality and the call appears on the screen.

However, this system seems to be similar to Google called Duplex. As the robot voice was so real and recorded the call without the knowledge of other side users. As it is not officially unveiled to other devices, we will see with the new Pixel 3 and get to know more about its functionality once the device gets on hands. Let’s wait for the smart integration of this feature with the devices. The hands-on experience will give a different approach towards the feature.