MacOS Mojave update is now available for download

The new MacOS version 10.14 named as Mojave is now available for download. The new version of the Operating system was announced by June of this year, which includes new features like dark mode, Stacks file organization, a redesigned Mac App Store, and enhanced screenshots. The OS was previously available in beta version a few months back, now the official release should make bugs and errors to be fixed.

The new update Mojave seems to be one of the minor update from Apple. The most notable feature is the dark mode, which makes the appearance to feel better even though it doesn’t add any technical feature update or functionality. The Mojave update also adds the support for Stack, which combines the files and groups it to make the desktop space ample.

The functionality of screen-shot has also been improved. While using Mojave, pressing Command-Shift-5 will bring out an options menu whether to screen-shot screen, a window, or a smaller portion. It will also let you to capture the screen recordings along with static images that can be shared and marked up.

The new update from Apple for the OS includes four application which seems to be a bigger version of iOS apps. The apps Apple News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stocks was previously available for the iPhone and iPad, but it comes to Mac for the first time for the users. This suggests the users to go with a combination od iOS and MacOS on the go. Apple is also promising for the developers to have a cross platform tools by 2019.

Supported MacOS devices for Mojave

Early 2015 MacBook or later
Mid-2012 MacBook Pro or later
Late 2012 iMac or later
Mid-2012 MacBook Air or later

The update can be dowloaded through MacOS App Store by searching Mojave and selecting the download option.