Google Feed now changed as Discover

The name of the Google App has been changed for a couple of times for the past years. In the beginning, it was Google Now and later it was changed as Google Feed. Now again it is renamed and updated as Discover. The foundation of the Discover is as same as the previous versions, the look and feel is made more comfortable and made easy to go with.

The recent Google searches and Chrome activity will be seen as a list of cards available. Now, these cards appear with a new look which makes the user to feel easy and comfortable to discover. A new topic header will be available above each section which makes clear for the users on what they are reading about. If the user feels to go more into the topic just tap on it, and it will take the user to the specific topic more deep into it. There the user may find more articles, videos belonging to that particular topic.

The user can stay updated on the specific topic or subject by just selecting follow button over that subject or topic. This will keep the user updated with the latest buzz on the specific topic. It will also show the content which is always on top for the topic though it is dated back. Google also makes the user to modify how the user wants to see certain content related to the users choice topic. It also brings out the support for multiple languages and delivers content outside the Google App to in al mobile browsers. Discover makes a more user interactive search engine which makes the user discover more…