Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 prints instantly from video clip

Fujifilm released a new camera which will print photos instantly. The new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 delivers photos and also the best shots can be taken out in the video too. The shooter can take videos and select some of the best shots, maybe like a person flying in the mid-air or cornering on the bikes. The whole video is captured and the best shot can be selected as per the frames available.

The company says this as a “Motion Mode”, the camera shoots fifteen seconds video in length and the best part can be taken out as a picture. A 2.7-inch LCD display is available to scroll down and take the best shot available on the video for every frame. The Motion Mode will also add a sequence filter to the picture or snap taken out of the video, which sometimes can include the shadow of an object or person in continuous motion.

Some more modes are available like time shift collage, where a sequence of four photos can be merged up with continuous frames. A normal collage makes multiple pictures to be pulled out in a single picture.

Coming to the camera specifications, it has a square sensor which captures at 1920 x 1920 resolution. The device comes up with f/2.4 fixed focal length lens with 4x digital zoom. The videos will have continuous autofocus while the photos will have single point autofocus.

The internal storage has a capacity of storing 50 images or thirty seconds of video. The storage seems to be small as the actual intention is to print the photos. The storage can be expanded with microSD card too. The camera can perform ten prints at a time and each print takes 12 seconds to print.

The camera has a built-in Li-ion battery which holds the capacity of printing 100 prints. The camera comes in two variations as beige and matte black. The pricing has not been officially revealed and the sale starts on October 20th.