An YouTube like UI for Google Play Movies & TV app on Roku

Google unveiled a new update for Google Play Movies & TV app on Roku. The new update seems to have an interface as similar to the YouTube UI. The new interface will be available for the users by this week. Some great changes among the update is that it has a navigation bar on the left side of UI and with more interesting browsing experience for the users.

The new updated Roku app has a modern style user interface, as the YouTube set-top-box app users will like it much. Its about the content search the users should be able to find what they want. This was the main idea behind the update, says Google. The UI has a new page which contains the content of television. The television content has the next day upcoming content for the particular shows and Watch Next shows.

There is a navigation in the left side pane, it helps the users to quick link to the home screen. It also has new TV page, Genres, the user’s Library too. The update has a great genre-browsing experience as of the users choice of interest. The genre specifies the complete update of shows, movies and upcoming releases as per the user choice.