The TicWatch Pro comes with dual display

Mobvoi the smartwatch manufacturer now comes with the new concept to reduce the power consumption. The new TicWatch Pro has two displays which reduces the consumption of battery. The TicWatch Pro has an OLED touch screen as like available on other devices, the second part of the display makes the work when the first one seems to be idle.

The second part display is known as FSTN LCD which is transparent and available on the top of the initial screen. As comparatively the secondary screen is more power efficient and not as much powerful as the OLED screeen. If the users is not using the TicWatch Pro and its in idle state, the secondary screen will show the time, date and some basic functions. The basic functions will have the completed steps for the day, heart rate and power status.

The secondary screen is transparent and if the user wants to work with TicWatch Pro the FSTN LCD and the OLED screen appears. The users can also manually switch between two screens or TicWatch Pro ay decide by its own. Beyond this there avails a third mode known as “Essential Mode.” This mode completely shuts down the smart opperation of the device and runs as an ordinary watch. The ordinary includes the basic funtions steps for the day, heart rate and power status too. Other than this nothing else works with the device.

The consumption of battery is so efficient in “Essential Mode” as the battery will long last for a month, the company says. To get back with the smart options the TicWatch Pro needs a boot and hardly it will take minute of time to process.

With smart functions the TicWatch Pro has NFC, heart rate sensor, and fitness tracking. The cost of the regular model will come under $300 it seems.