PayPal payment option is now available for all Google payment services

People nowadays go with digital payment whether it comes for physical product or digital product. The payment happening with digital source has increased much now. The popularity of the digital payment growth is because of more number of payment methods and sources which is easy to access. In some cases the payment happening tends to error or requires a multi step process which makes the user inconvenience. As to avoid their unacceptable thoughts PayPal and Google are collaborating for the payment process. The users can use PayPal payment method on any of the Google services now.

PayPal made the collaboration with Google back since 2014. Google had the payment option available four years back. The Google Pay had the choice of payment from last year. The only drawback for the users is that they have to switch between Google Pay and PayPal for completion of the payment.

Now this is the new update for the users, the users can add PayPal as option on Google Pay. This able the users to proceed for the payment on YouTube, Gmail, and Google Pay instantly. That is if the user updates with Google Play or Google Pay, user can access the payment process from PayPal through all Google platforms. The change may be small but as of user side the completion of payment can be done as quickly without switching it over.

This change will be available only to the US users later this year. It will also be available for Google services in payment option.