Google Lens gets smart text selection

Google Lens gets a smart text selection and real time lookup from Google. As Google revealed that the Google Lens app is getting some additional features as an update.

The new Smart text selection feature identifies the text that you have captured in your camera, and gives suggestions and more information on that text. As suppose you have captured some list of timings or places, the Google Lens identifies the text and suggest the information about the place and timings without manually entering it.
The Smart lookup is some what similar to Smart text feature. This feature points out the item specified in the image you have captured or loaded, and suggests the item or similar like items on the Google search. If a users wants to buy a cloth and has the image of the cloth, then Google will suggest a same or similar like cloths in Google search.

The features comes with a little redesign on the Google Lens app. The feature brings a new Tap on Objects and Text menu. This makes to access what to be requred on the information.
The Google Lens features rolls out with some AI implemented upgrades. As the user can shoot a landmark or building in camera and get information about the building or landmark instantly. It also points out on onjects and the user can get similar objects or related objects on shopping.
The new Google Lens update will arrive shortly on the smartphones, but the users have to wait for some time for this.