Google is rolling out new messenger feature in YouTube

The Google products are not up high in messaging, and now its YouTube getting this feature. Youtube will have a messaging feature where the users can share their thoughts with their friends. The user must be logged-in into YouTube to share and chat with anyone who uses it. To access the chat option just click on chat bubble icon which is available next to the notification bell icon on YouTube. The chat can be saved and the history of chat will be available on the bottom left of the screen. The users can continue the conversation as where it has been left. It is just similar like Hangouts chat process which is now available on YouTube.

The video can be shared in private conversation too. The share button available for the video gives the choice of sharing in private chat rooms too. Select on share button and select contacts, it may be for a group or personal chat as per the users choice. You can also show your likes to the video shared personally or to the group.

Sharing of  videos with friends may not change as implementing this new feature. As the users are likely to share the videos with people as their convenient messaging app. If the users seems to be a hard YouTube watcher, this new feature will make sense for them. This also makes a easy way to share and discuss about the videos on the same page itself, rather switching up with different applications.