Fujifilm launches new X-T100 mirrorless camera for photography beginners

Its time for the beginners to go with Photography criteria. Fujifilm launches its new X-T100 mirror-less camera with specific features and an affordable price. The beginners can take a look up on the new camera as it has a reasonable price and sufficient features for the beginners. The Fuji’s X series adds another mirror-less digital camera X-T100 to the family. It has a retro design with 24.2MP sensor and an phase detection AF system.

The Fujifilm give a opportunity for the beginners to learn with this device. The Fujifilm X-T100 is an entry-level criteria for the users who are new to photography with spending of minimal amount. The new X-T100 comes with retro design in three colour variants as Champagne Gold, Black and Dark Silver.

The new X-T100 comes with 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor which happens with users choice of colour reproduction. The camera weighs around 1lbs as the users likely criteria. The camera has rear LCD with a horizontal tilting hinge and users are able to shot 430 frames per charge with phase detection AF system and multiple automatic shooting functions. The SR+ Auto Mode makes a better recognition of the subject with better scene consequences. The camera also has Bluetooth low-energy, the Fujifilm X Mount system, ISO 100 – 51200, 4K video recording, a 6fps continuous shooting mode, and support for SD cards.