First update of OnePlus 6 gets something special

The new OnePlus 6 has just arrived in stores and getting its first update rolled out. This update is quite sensible and people will love to have it. The update is mentioned as Oxygen OS version 5.1.3. It has some improvements on the go, but the attention seeking part is that to hide or show the notch as desired. As the company previously mentioned about this earlier, now the OnePlus 6 will it from initial release itself.

As of the technical team on OnePlus the notch seems to be a great benefit and featurable for the device. But it too lagged some pracical and technical illustrations. As it wasn’t comfort enough for the users to go with. The idea of hiding the notch was first got up with Huawei P20, as when it is hidden the area filled with black in appearance. OnePlus didn’t think about the feature as previously, later the company considered for an update with revealing this feature.

The new update of onePlus 6 comes out now, as of the main feature is not about the notch. The update has few more haspects to go with. As the OnePlus 6 will be getting the super slow mo support at 720p 480 fps or 1080p 240 fps. It will also have security patch to May. The update will be availabe to the oweners from the start.

More updates will rollout as per days pass, this seems to be first update of OnePlus 6.