The next generation A12 chipset for Apple is of 7nm and goes for mass production

The launch of Android products is still going on, now its time for Apple to strike on the board od products. The iPhone mpdels of 2018 aren’t out yet, but the beginning of Apple products is started it seems. As per the resources , the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., has started the production unit for the set of processors that the next generation will be packed with. The company says that it will smaller and will give better performance than any before.

The new chipset is named as Apple A12 chipset as the upgrade of A11 chipset. The most notable advancement on the chipset is 7 nanometer design as the company belives. This is new not only iPhone but for the whole smartphone industry with competitors Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei and more.

As per the mobility, implementing nano technology is much better for the smartphones. As it reduces the space occupation and boosts the performance too. The smaller the chip the less the power consumption is. The data transmission is quite faster too. The new 7 nm chip for Apple will fill all these features as promisingly. And ofcourse teh competitors are also working for this it seems, but hardly Apple has made the band game true.

The new A12 chipset will be packed in all the upcoming iPhone models.