Access any apps on your device from cloud with 1App

1App is a app that helps you to access android apps in the cloud and you can access it anywhere it is an online Android it is the disruptive cloud streaming technology started up at the Menlo Park, California for the problem of app discovery.

In 1App you can run any app and games in any device and in any mobile environment and you can use an android app in an iPhone  without the downloads and all. 1App is based on One OS it is like an online android operating system because the core technology is based on android source code and it make it to run android in a server hardware. In one OS same can be access by multiple customers . For App developers no need to worry about that they just update their apps in the running server.

In this technology you can share apps via instant share in this app if you want to share a app to your friends just share the link of the app to your friends and  they have to download it and try it instantly using this instant share and the downloaded app is not like a demo it is full app you can use it anytime anywhere without losing app data.

Working of the 1App

In the marketing area 1App provide a special feature Instant click which provides a clickable link for market channels it completely gives a full app experience to complete transactions in the market apps

Glu games company is using this app to give their games in cloud so you can play android games in both iphones and windows phones. The media is also available in this app you can enjoy everything in android with this app with full app experience.

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